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Annoucement May 2016

Hey there! 嗨!


BEAN Shanghai was shut down as of May 1, 2016.  We had 8 fantastic years of building a wonderful community in Shanghai with people from everywhere around the world, and we are so grateful for each and every moment, volunteer and event. 


While BEAN is no longer an active part of the community in Shanghai, we would love to point you in the direction of groups that do a lot of good and would love your support and involvement.


BEANShanghai已从MAY 2016已停止运营了,我们的社团在上海8年内吸引了来自全球各地的成员加入,我们真挚感激在这段时间内的每一个瞬间,每一位志愿者及每一次活动。



Renewal Center:The center provides residents with a place to stay, changes of clothing, showers, English lessons, job skills training, and basic assistance for those who do not have a home of their own. The center works with local businesses to help them secure jobs. More importantly, the shelter seeks to create avenues out of poverty for their residents. Come help contribute to this shelter's mission of helping create avenues out of poverty for those in need! 上海庇护所为那些无家可归人提供了一个可以住宿换洗衣服的地方同时也设有英文课程工作技巧的培训以及提供了其他方面的支持另外,庇护中心和本地的企业一起合作,希望可以创造更多的就业机会我们邀请你和我们一起为那些需要帮助的人送去我们的爱心为中心送去我们的支持


Lupin Healing Home: The Lupin Healing Home provides pre- and post-surgical care for abandoned babies with surgically correctible deformities. 鲁冰花舍为需要手术来纠正畸形而被遗弃的宝宝们提供术前和术后的照顾


Shanghai Healing Home: Their mission is to assist local Chinese Children Welfare Institutes by providing pre and post-surgical care to abandoned Chinese orphan babies with surgically correctable deformities. Shanghai Healing Home provides a home-like environment that meets not only the babies' physical needs but also their emotional and developmental needs. 



Baby’s Home: Baby’s Home is a grassroots non-profit organization founded by a group of mothers who saw the need to give orphaned children access to surgery, as well as a caring environment to heal in. 这是由几位爱心妈妈创建的一个基层的非营利的组织。她们希望能够帮助孤儿们得到手术治疗的机会,同时能够提供一个充满爱心的康复环境。



If you’re looking CPR and First Aid Skills training, check out the CPR Shanghai training center.



And remember – there’s more to life!



The BEAN Team


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